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This is Christmas Part 3
December 22, 2019

This is Christmas Part 3


Today’s message, excerpts from a devotion by Pastor Patrick Tanton.

The words of Christmas. Peace. (Third in a series.)

There are a lot of different kinds of gifts & gift givers. Peace is the one most of us want. Many of us see this as temporary. Is lasting peace possible? We grab hold of anything we see that seems to offer that peace. It’s not just the absence of chaos, work, etc. Lasting peace is the presence of Jesus. Shalom means peace & is found many times in the Bible. It is the presence of our Savior. If your circumstances are currently dark, allow Jesus’ peace to be with you, a quiet & calm in our hearts.

3 relationships of peace:

A. Peace WITH God (upward). Invite him into your heart to begin to experience that peace.

B. Peace OF God. It’s an internal sense of security & order. It surpasses all understanding. It will guard your hearts & minds. Allow that to happen. Allow the peace of Jesus to rule in your heart. Keep the enemy out!

C. Peace WITH others. Find the stillness in your own heart when people are pushing your buttons. Conflict naturally occurs because it’s a product of the flesh, peace is a fruit of the spirit. It includes the challenging work of forgiveness. Let go of the wrong, the hurt & allow the peace to come in. Do you have someone you need to forgive? Live at peace with one another. There will be people in your life that you want to reconcile with & they won’t allow it. You can still experience peace because it’s not dependent on their response. Allow God’s peace to live in your heart, have the utmost trust in Him.

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